Im Jannes, B.Sc. Business Information Systems, Java, Android, Ruby and Webdeveloper, Hobby 3D Designer and proud owner of a CR10s Pro 3D Printer.

Just around Winter last year (2019) I started getting into 3D Design and rebuild an SFF PC Case from the ground up using files i got online.

Starting this year, I got into 3D printing, for the case, which you should have seen by now in the header of this website. I couldnt find a place to print the parts I needed for an affordable price, so i took the leap and just bought myself a 3D Printer.

Since then, a friend of mine and I worked on different kinds of small combinations of electronics and 3d printed parts, which you can check out over at:



We also have a youtube channel, where we will be posting more frequently soon^tm


By now, we modified the shit out of the CR10s Pro, printed around 40 kilos of filament, ranging from PLA, ABS to PETG.

Stay tuned for more!