Cube 2.0

While in Quarantine, i had time to think about how the case could be improved.
So thats why i already finished Version 2.0 of this.
Here are some Renders of it:

My thoughts were:

  • SFX PSU compatibility, as a larger PSU wouldnt be needed anyway
  • more space for cooling, in my Case the large AF Scythe Mugen 5 cooler i had laying around from my previous case (Lian Li A05B)
  • better airflow – which kind of got destroyed by my idea of keeping the Case Cube-like and small
  • This time: include the Front-IO Ports to the Offside

For this, i cut out the PSU from under the Motherboard, lowered the Tray as far as i could and keeping openings for Airflow underneath.
I redesigned the Backside – which until now is the biggest Problem, as I dont know yet, if the Parts will fill as good as they did before redesigning.
Furthermore I designed a custom Adapter for the PSU mounted to the Offside of the Case.

Things to keep in mind:

  • wont fit a 25mm Fan in Front, if the GPU is longer than 280-ish mm.
  • Aiflow is probably pretty bad, but still better then the old case, as Air may now flow in a line across the Parts, instead of only being pushed on the Motherboard and then pushed out the Back and sucked out from the Front Fan.

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