Update on Octolapse and Print Quality

As it turned out, Octolapse wasnt the problem.

I tested a print with and without Octolapse and both got screwed up (while without it, there werent as many strings to the side of the print, obviously)

Which concluded: my overall print settings werent tweaked enough for PETG.

After some trial and error, i found out, that by adjusting the flow percentage i got rid of most of the excess filament oozing.

Silver lining though: we now have brown oozing filament IN the prints, which neither looks good nor is an idicator for good printing settings.

But: I already have an idea about what is causing it: The standard replica hotend shipped with the creality printer and the shrinking and expanding of the nozzle, which causes leakage at the heater(area) and then onto the print.

Next, I´ll try to lower the temps and or increase the retraction length to counter the oozing.

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