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I´m Jannes, I live in Germany and welcome to my website!

In Germany the SFF-Community is still pretty small and shipping SFF-Cases from America to Germany is costly and slow, I thought, why not make my own SFF-Case and get to know CAD-Programs while at it.

So with the help of some people online, I overhauled a 3D-Printed and Laser-Cut SFF PC Case design by Gunnar Bjorkman.
Special Thanks to him for the basis:

After altering Gunnars design, having to change some of the imperial measurements and wanting to change the others to the metric system, i ended up with my own design. I kept the general aesthetics and mounting systems.
As i wanted to upgrade my hardware soon to, I extended the case, did my own airflow-cutouts and built some options to choose from.

With the finished design at hand, I got the idea of selling this online.
So i got back into Webdesign and found WordPress and WooCommerce, which made it easy to set up a website – and here we are now!

This will be a growing Website where I may host some other products for friends of mine, but back to the Case at hand:


Next, I´ll be printing the corners and cutting the acrylic panels and after weeks of waiting and fine tuning the case, finally assemble the case!

I´ll post photos and videos of the assembly here.

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